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The purpose of the VHWDA is to facilitate the development of a statewide health professions pipeline that identifies, educates, recruits and retains a diverse, geographically distributed and culturally competent quality workforce for all Virginians.

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Meeting the Challenge of Primary Care in Virginia

Meeting the Challenge of Primary Care in Virginia -- a statewide review.

Every Virginian needs access to primary health care services to support their health and well-being. Primary care services are essential for promoting health, delivering clinical preventive services, and treating a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

Demand for primary care services is projected to increase in the coming years as the population grows and ages, and as the health care system evolves toward more primary care oriented models of care. As this occurs, Virginia will be challenged to develop and sustain a primary care workforce that can meet the evolving needs of every Virginia community. In the following paper we exlpore:

  • The vital role of primary care,
  • Community need for primary care,
  • Community access concerns,
  • Primary care development strategies,
  • Evolving models of primary care,
  • New competencies for primary care practitioners, and
  • Implications for health workforce development in Virginia.

Read the full paper here.

Would you like to know the state of primary care in your region? Read our eight regional health workforce reports on meeting the challenge of primary care by visiting Facts About Virginia's Workforce.

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