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The purpose of the VHWDA is to facilitate the development of a statewide health professions pipeline that identifies, educates, recruits and retains a diverse, geographically distributed and culturally competent quality workforce for all Virginians.

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Student Choice: Find Your Future in Healthcare

Student Choice: Find Your Future in Healthcare

The Virginia Department of Health Professions (DHP) Healthcare Workforce Data Center (HWDC) pulled together statistics on health care professions and developed a wonderful tool for prospective students and professionals to utilize: Go ahead and design your future!


A good career should have a good balance between your interests, job prospects, potential earnings and the cost of education in time and money. Professions near the top of this chart have the highest projected job growth, while those furthest to the right earn the highest median income. Circles are sized by the number of job openings expected between 2012-22 and colored by minimum degree. The years of education listed are “typical” for the degree. Accelerated programs may be available for some students. Some specialties may require additional education. Hover your mouse over the circles to see the profession and detailed information. Salaries are averages only.

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