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The purpose of the VHWDA is to facilitate the development of a statewide health professions pipeline that identifies, educates, recruits and retains a diverse, geographically distributed and culturally competent quality workforce for all Virginians.

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Richmond, VA, VA

POSITION SUMMARY: The Virginia Registered Pharmacist shall carry out duties assigned by the Director of Pharmacy and departmental policy and procedures.  The pharmacist shall interpret, compound and dispense medications and other pharmaceutical supplies according to physician orders issued in a lawful manner by an authorized prescriber in the state of Virginia; provide requested drug information to health care professionals and patients, participate in clinical pharmacy services, and provide pharmaceutical care to patients as delineated by the Department of Pharmacy.  The primary professional responsibility of the pharmacist is to provide pharmaceutical care: identifying, assessing and solving medication related problems.  Inherent in that responsibility is assisting in promoting safe efficacious and cost effective medication therapy.  Organizational relationships include being directly responsible to the Director of Pharmacy services and Clinical Manager of Pharmacy.  The pharmacist is also responsible for the supervision of pharmacy technicians and support personnel.


  • Manage systems for storage, preparation and dispensing of medicinal agents using appropriate techniques and following the health systems policies; effectively supervise technical personnel who may be involved in these processes.  Evaluate medication orders, accurately and safely, compounding medications in acceptable dosage forms, appropriately package and dispense pre-manufactured dosage forms. Collaborates with all individuals involved in the medication use process, when appropriate.  Responsible for planning, organizing, networking, completing and improving the work activities through effective  management of time, tasks and available personnel.
  • Maintains knowledge pertaining to facility utilization of automated dispensing processes including the use of automated dispensing units, ConnectRX, over wrap packaging, and bar coding within the facility.
  • Provide education or in-service on rational medication therapy and medication procedures effectively to healthcare professionals, students, patients, and the public when requested.
  • Retrieve, analyze, evaluate and interpret scientific literature in order to provide accurate, concise, applicable, and timely drug information response to healthcare professionals.
  • Design, implement, monitor, evaluate, and intervene in patient pharmacotherapy to ensure effective, safe and economical patient care. Apply clinical pharmacokinetic data to design effective, safe and economical therapeutic medication regimens.
  • Participate in implementing goals, objectives, and policies and procedures of the pharmacy department and the facility.  Effectively supports management.
  • Effectively manages own professional practice including time and space, professional ethics, continued education, attendance punctuality, and customer focus.  Performs other duties as assigned, including fulfilling additional pharmacy staffing hours when necessary.
  • Completes monthly expiration date checking as assigned. 


  • Required - Minimum 3 years clinical experience. Experience with state and federal regulatory requirements preferred. Advanced computer skills, proficient in the use of graphic programs, word processing, spreadsheet manipulation and database programs.
  • Required - Effective communication skills are required. Effective written and verbal skills are required.      


  • Required - Graduate of an ACPE-accredited school of pharmacy at a college or university.
  • Required - Licensure by the Virginia State Board of Pharmacy by examination or reciprocity.


  • Required - Valid Virginia State Board of Pharmacy license.

To apply for this position, use this online application or call HCA at 800-265-8422.

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