The Appropriations Act, (Chapter 2, Item 292, H1-2) directed the Virginia Health Workforce Development Authority (VHWDA) to review current and projected healthcare workforce shortages, as well as clinical and preceptor shortages, and offer recommendations to address these issues. Please review the Study’s Initial Report and Final Report.

Initial Report

The Initial Report concluded in January 2023 and was a comprehensive assessment of the current state of the health workforce in Virginia. Key deliverables:

  • Synthesis of current and projected health care workforce shortages, strengths, and obstacles to addressing the Commonwealth’s issues;
  • Physical assessment of existing infrastructure to report on current and future facility needs to meet future program demand;
  • Analysis of current regional and statewide coordination capabilities, and recommendations of a governance structure to oversee health care workforce development;
  • Comparative landscape study of similar states’ health care workforce ecosystem;
  • A resource map that summarizes funding streams that support the health care workforce; and
  • Data gap analysis that assesses Virginia’s current health care workforce data.

Deliverables Available:

Final Report

This data approach examined current resource streams in Virginia from federal and private entities and examined regulatory barriers to entering the healthcare workforce. Within the Report is a strategic implementation plan that includes goals and objectives with measurable outcomes, a detailed roles and responsibilities matrix, an expansion readiness plan, an implementation timeline, communication tools, and proposed executive, legislative, and budgetary actions.

Deliverables Available:

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